13th July 2022

How do your summer cocktails affect your fitness goals?

Summer is a time for barbecues, pool parties, weddings, camping and celebrating time off work. It’s also a time when those tempting, mouth-watering cocktails start calling […]
11th July 2022

Workout of the week: 30-min cardio Pilates workout

30-MIN CARDIO PILATES WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / cardio Pilates workout / 30 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells & gym mat At a first glance, cardio and pilates seem […]
6th July 2022

Full-body or split workout: which is better?

Leg day, you say? You can’t move through the online fitness space without seeing at least one meme about it. Pictures of ripped, muscular torsos and […]
4th July 2022

Workout of the week: 20-min barbell strength workout

ALL LEVELS / barbell strength workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Barbell The barbell is probably one of the most intimidating gym equipment, and it’s often associated […]
29th June 2022

5 reasons you don’t see results from working out

Exercising shouldn’t be a burden. One of our missions at EVO is to prove that working out can be fun and playful and still help you achieve your goals. […]
27th June 2022

Workout of the week: 20-min full-body Tabata workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body Tabata workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells, kettlebell & gym mat Unlike many fitness fads around, Tabata training has solid scientific essence. So […]